Why Techsmart training programs?


Changes Calls For Training

There is no doubt that the world has changed over the past 100 years with daily technological innovations springing up which has necessitated the need for us to constantly adjust to changes in the ways we do things. These changes are much pronounced in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector which affects most especially the way we market and communicate with our clients and vice-versa in the business environment.
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The Breakthrough

Today, we have tools such as the Digital/Social media platforms of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc, to reach out to clients, but these tools are not being fully utilized because most users have limited knowledge of how far they can be used to assist in marketing products and brands for increased sales, profitability, business/individual growth, excellent client interaction, retention and referral. Any business that wants to remain competitive in today's business environment has no choice but to be equipped with the secret knowledge of how to put these Digital/Social Media platforms to optimal use.

Our Training

At Techsmart.ng, we guarantee you that after undergoing our Digital/Social media Marketing Training, your business and individual lives will not remain the same again as you are bound to experience a big boost in sales, profitability, business/individual growth, excellent client interaction, retention and referral. We, therefore, focus on organizing monthly Digital Culture workshops, corporate Digital media marketing Training as well as bespoke Trainings tailored to specifically take care of specific corporate or individual needs.

What people think of our training Programs

The lessons drawn from your speech has been described by many as a masterpiece that will remain a point of reference for all time.

Very interesting training session. Worth the while. This course has given me a broader, easier perspective to Digital Marketing……

I recently had the privilege to listen to CFA give a presentation on these strategies at an IBM event. He is naturally gifted to motivate anyone to succeed and he certainly walks the talk…

CFA is a brilliant and well learned individual whose insight and deep knowledge in Digital/Social Media (amongst other things) has really impacted me and birthed a radical change in me. He comes highly recommended to help young and focused entrepreneurs and organizations as well chart a new course for their lives and business.

Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr is committed to making Nigeria and its entrepreneurs hasten the adoption of the internet and the growing social media, in an effort to grow their businesses at an exponential rate. I sincerely admire this young man’s passion and will certainly support his dreams for our dear country.

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